MCS Production Tubing

Other Applications
in Petroleum Wells

We view MCS production tubing as a new engineering tool used in efforts to avoid liquid accumulations in gas-liquid flows through tubing.  By dividing the gas-liquid (particulate) flow into multiple smaller-diameter flows, the extent of transfer of energy from the carrier phase (gas) to the carried phase (liquid and particulates) can be specifically designed into the conduit to avoid liquid/particulate accumulations.

Liquid accumulations are a particular concern in petroleum wells, given that most gas wells co-produce liquid and that most oil wells co-produce gas.  Buttons to the left provide
a few potential applications of the MCS production tubing concept that may be helpful in solving a number of production difficulties inherent with multi-phase reservoir fluids.  

MCS Risers
Condensate and Shale Gas
Oil Wells
Jumper Lines