MCS Endpiece

An "MCS Endpiece" is an attachment to the bottom of MCS production tubing that enables the MCS production tubing to work in a well.  
The MCS Endpiece biases upward flow of gas bubbles into the
MCS entrance.  Without using an MCS Endpiece, rising gas bubbles
will prefer to flow around the MCS entrance and up the annulus,
simply pressurizing the casing annulus.  The hydraulic resistance for upward gas flow to enter each small MCS passageway is much greater than resistance up the relatively much larger annulus.

An MCS Endpiece is a tubular enclosure that captures the rising gas bubbles and concentrates the gas phase at the MCS extrusion entrance, favoring the flow of gas up the MCS extrusion vs. up the annulus.  
Pressurized gas is what drives fluids up the well, so gas bubbles must be encouraged to "prefer" flowing up inside the MCS extrusion to enable the MCS extrusion to work... and increasing gas flow volume up through the MCS extrusion increases its capacity to lift liquid out of the well.  

The MCS Endpiece also protects the MCS bottom entrance from being damaged during installation, prevents the small MCS passageways from becoming clogged with debris, and provides the capability to land the MCS extrusion onto a collar or seat nipple.

MCS production tubing will not work in a petroleum well without an MCS Endpiece.  Production charts on wells with MCS production tubing have a unique signature, with the near elimination of all sporatic mini production spikes.  MCS -Systems, Inc. holds patents on MCS production tubing in the United States and on the MCS Endpiece in the United States and Canada.