MCS Jumper Lines

Offshore jumper lines from a subsurface wellhead are particularly problematic in their gas-liquid flow dynamics,  

and insertion of MCS production tubing into the inclining section would to a  great extent solve these problems.

The 45 degree slope of jumper lines is the worst

inclination possible for gas-liquid flows, in effect
maximizing gas phase slippage.  For oil wells,
this results in accelerated degassification of the
well, leading to an earlier conversion to artificial
lift, together with more oil stranded in the
reservoir given its higher viscosity without
dissolved gas.

Jumper lines also promote liquid slugging. 

The downward leg followed by the upward
leg at 45 degrees combine to become a very
efficient phase separator, promoting the
formation of liquid slugs in the valley region
which are ejected periodically.  Real estate is
very expensive offshore, and slug catchers are
not small and must be designed to handle peak loads.  

Jumper lines that have MCS production tubing inserted into  their inclining section would address both of these issues.

Gas slippage would greatly decrease.  And MCS production tubing would reduce vs. promote slugging at the surface, greatly reducing slugcatcher capacity requirements and improving flow assurance.    

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